The Tianar Models

Girl Up Laikipia by Youth Power

Most of the social problems we face arise due to lack of money for capital, school fees, for food, for health, and for development. Money can only be gotten one way, by earning it. So, I have made it my business to avail and when possible, create sustainable income earning avenues to my peers, those older than and younger than me. By doing this I am contributing to Sustainable Development Goal number 8, Decent Work. by Youth Power sponsored by USAID has awarded me an honorary badge for the works I do to lead acts of good in this pandemic through the Youth Led Acts of Good. The end goal in mind is to contribute to efforts of eradicating poverty and restoring dignity through support on an individual needs basis. Some members of the community are suffering from mental health due to isolation, others especially AGYW lack proper menstrual hygiene management, children have no access to educational tools like e-Learning or educational TV programs, the old have become helpless and instead of enjoying their sunset years they live in fear of the unknown. Restoring hope through specialized and customized help will go a long way in ensuring the effectiveness of my pledge.


Happy Hair Ke Ambassador