How to Buy Products on Jumia – Smart TV

We are living in the age where almost everything can be found online.  Whether its information, clothing, phones, utensils, farm tools and just about everything.

Gone are the days when you had to hunt for a television from one electronic shop to another. Days when buying a TV also meant that you had to physically roam supermarket’s electronic departments where all the latest TVs had been displayed. When prices were crazy high for the common citizen to afford just a TV let alone a smart one.

The evolution of e-commerce in Kenya and Africa at large has seen such platforms as Jumia, give way to a very wide variety of commodities, especially on Televisions. Digital TVs, Smart TVs, Solar powered TVs are now just a click away, if anyone would want to purchase one. The prices as well have gone ridiculously down and just about every citizen can afford to have a TV in their household. Vendors have worked tirelessly to partner with brands that are providing good quality for less, and needless to say, the return is as good as the investment.

So, what is a Smart TV, which suddenly everyone seems to be in need of? In simple terms, as someone mentioned somewhere, it’s a digital TV that can access internet. Leaves you wondering again, what a digital TV is. Again in simple terms, it’s a TV that does not require a decoder.

Now that we know what a Smart TV is and that it can also be bought online via the Jumia trading website, let’s get into the process of how to buy a smart TV.

Step 1. Have a phone/computer laptop with internet connection. You can be anywhere and this can be done at any time of the day.

Step 2. Open the Jumia website and on the search tab, type Smart TVs, plenty of options will appear beginning with the ones on offer, the cheapest to the most expensive. The screen sizes here are also mixed up.

Step 3. On the top right of your search results, click on the filter button so that you can specify and narrow down your search to the Smart TV qualities you prefer.

Step 4. Select the Smart TV that you like the most. Check the description details. There, you will get information about the technical details of the TV, package, etc and confirm that is what you actually want to buy.

Step 5. Click on BUY NOW

Step 6. Add your personal information that is your name, email address and phone number. Here is where you get to sign up to the website and create your own shopping account for future use.  It’s also where you add information about where you want the Smart TV to be sent.

Step 7. Choose your preferred method of payment. You can pre-pay and if it’s a good day you may get a discount for pre-paying your order, or, you can choose to pay via Mpesa/cash after delivery if the option is available.

Step 8. Confirm your order, pay and relax.

In a few days, you will receive a notification via sms that your order is ready to collect or to be home/office delivered.

It’s also important to note that instead of going through all of the above steps, especially if you are a busy person, you can get a Jumia’s JForce network agent to do the work or you. Your only job will be to wait to pay and collect your order after it has been delivered.