Michelle Obama to join Girl Up 2020 Leadership Summit

Change-makers of all ages, motivated and fearless, with big, bold ideas, ready to transform the world because we are stronger together. “

Michelle Obama
Former US First Lady, Author of Grammy Award Winning book ‘Becoming’

I joined Girl Up United Nations in the year 2017, and I couldn’t be more proud to have worked closely with local Girl Up Kenya club members to position the organization’s mission which is to empower young female leaders who fearlessly defend gender equality. Because when girls rise we all rise.

Girl Up 2020 Leadership Summit

I mean, if ever I get lost, be sure that you will find me in some female empowerment circle and know that I will be safe 🙂 If there is one thing I love, its to be surrounded by girls and women, who are in the same energy zone of passionate as I am. There is just some magic there, and that, that’s what I live for.

Now, Girl Up Leadership summit 2020 is happening this July 13th – 15th and I just cant wait to attend the virtual three day event. Mainly because I get to connect with other girls worldwide, and feed off of each others strength and resilience in living through this rough times. I am however, more thrilled about the guests’ line up which is comprised of the most brilliant of all. We shall be having 2018 Nobel Peace Laureate Nadia Murad, COO Facebook and Founder of Leanin.org & OptionB.org Sheryl Sandberg, Storm Reid, Liz Plank, Dr. Terarai Trent, Wade Davis, Priyanka Chopra and most importantly for me, Former US First Lady Mrs Obama, Michelle. These are the kind of speakers who you just want to listen in on whenever they talk because wisdom flows effortlessly and their life experiences have so much value and the inspiration they exude is unmatched.

Update: Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex will be joining the Summit and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Keep it here for all the updates. or Read here.

Presenting Sponsors

So yes, trust me when I say that this is such a value adding big deal. The leadership summit is sponsored by P & G as the presenting sponsors and their Always brand as among the Event sponsors. The others include, Gallagher, SadieB, Booz|Alen|Hamilton, & Nobel Panacea.

Back here at home, I launched the Girl Up Laikipia chapter in 2017 April, a project that is about to take super good shape and finally get to kick off our local programs in equipping young female leaders with skills through training, discovering local problematic gaps, rights education and availing of opportunities to explore their leadership qualities.

We welcome everyone, especially is based in Laikipia County Kenya to join us as we push the agenda of equality forward.


Love & Life, Always.