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You most certainly have come to right place if what you are looking for is inspiring content touching on matters business, getting your whole career game together, hair maintenance, people empowerment, investments, sales pitching, natural life conservation, sustainable social projects, talent development, online courses, tax advisory, e-commerce, fun, and networking. We will ensure that you feel at home with our easy to use interfaces, quick responses to emails, collaborations and accurate delivery of super fresh and enlightening content.

Believing in the reality of your own dreams is already a hard enough task, now imagine getting others to believe in it too 🙂 however, possibility is our middle name and we do our best to make everything happen, everywhere. We are just getting started, therefore, we encourage you stay in the know by joining our mailing list for weekly newsletters here.

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Latest Blogs

  • How to Buy Products on Jumia – Smart TV
    We are living in the age where almost everything can be found online.  Whether its information, clothing, phones, utensils, farm tools and just about everything. Gone are the days when you had to hunt for a television from one electronic shop to another. Days when buying a TV also meant that you had to physically roam supermarket’s electronic departments where […]
  • Michelle Obama to join Girl Up 2020 Leadership Summit
    “Change-makers of all ages, motivated and fearless, with big, bold ideas, ready to transform the world because we are stronger together. “ I joined Girl Up United Nations in the year 2017, and I couldn’t be more proud to have worked closely with local Girl Up Kenya club members to position the organization’s mission which is to empower young female […]

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